Treadmill Introduction Package

Walking into a big blue box with a moving floor and water is obviously a bit strange for the horse and a big ask!  Because of this all horses require a period of acclimatisation to gain most benefit from using the treadmill. Due to the familiarisation necessary we recommend taking 3 sessions close together to help the horse on their way.  To support this we offer the introductory package of 3 sessions to be taken within 10 days for £90 or a stayover of 2 nights/3 sessions for £115

Basic/Box rest livery

Suitable for horses on box rest or those that do not need extra work. The stable pens add extra space for the horse to mooch and help keep them sane.  

This livery includes :

·       Hay (dry or soaked) or haylage

·       Probed or shavings bedding

·       Basic feed – Spillers Happy hoof, sugar beet, fibre nuts, lite balancer (if you require other feed happy for you to bring it or I can supply at cost)

·       1×10 min walk in hand and/or horse walker session

·       Grooming

·       Liaising with vets/farriers etc as required


          £160/week or £23/day

Holiday/Fitness livery

Our holiday package is very popular and offers the ideal way to maintain fitness and an opportunity to introduce your horse to the treadmill.

In addition to the basic package this includes :

·       3 water treadmill sessions

·       2 other therapies of your choice, selected from list of extras below



Rehabilitation/Fitness package

The rehabilitation package is ideal if your horse requires more intensive help or if you would like your horse to make the most of our facilities during their stay.


In addition to the basic package this includes :

·       5 water treadmill sessions

·       3 other therapies of your choice, selected from list of extras below



Extras !!


·       Combi-floor session (Combined Pulsed Electromagnetic and vibration platform)

·       Long-reining/in-hand/lunge work

·       Activo-Med Combi Pro Rug (Combined Pulsed Electromagnetic and Massage Rug, for improved suppleness, muscle tone and overall condition)

·       Equilibirum Massage pad

·       Zamar cooling for legs


·       Additional water treadmill  for just £15 a session

Spa days

Give your horse an experience!  The spa days offer an opportunity to try the treadmill then use the Combi-floor and solarium for just £50. Spa days are generally held once a month so keep your eyes open for announcements 


Treadmill session
  • Walk-in – £35 
  • On Livery – £30
Livery + treadmill
  • Day – £45
  • 1+ week – £299
Introductory package of 3 sessions
  • Taken in 10 days – £80
  • With 2 nights livery – £120
Holiday/fitness/box rest livery (includes walker)
  • Day – £25
  • 1 week – £160
  • 3+ weeks – £150/week
School hire £15/hour for 2 horses, £5 per additional horse
Walker session (30 mins) £5
Use of hot shower and solarium (20 mins) £10