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    • Bedding – Generally use Probed (chopped rape straw) but if different bedding needed we’re happy to replace. All new arrivals have new bedding
    • Feed – Standard feed is Spillers Happy hoof, sugar beet and carrots
    • Hay/Haylage – Can provide haylage or hay (dry or soaked) depending on needs
    • Full muck out daily
    • Walker session if appropriate
    • Turnout if required
    • Each stable provided with their own storage box outside stable and in tackroom
    • Each horse provided with individual grooming kit for their stay
    • Passport
    • Specific feeds/supplements/drugs
    • Bridle
    • Rugs – depending on time of year etc.  As horses like spending time in pens whatever the weather then some form of waterproof rug useful!
    • Specific equipment for treatment regime, e.g. cold boots/Arc Equine

We generally feed haylage but also have hay and can provide soaked hay if needed

Standard feed is Spillers Happy Hoof, sugar beet (and carrots when available).  We are happy to provide specific feeds at cost or bring usual with you

Yes!  Either in the all weather turnout area or in a grass paddock (depending on weather/ground conditions).  We also find most are happy in the stable pens.

The stables and pens have been designed to help alleviate the stresses for horses confined to box rest. They get fresh air and can see companions.

Both the treadmill and walker are great options for controlled exercise and can be timed precisely to gradually increase workload as rehabilitation progresses.

Yes, we do holiday livery as full livery with the option to add treadmill, ridden or in-hand sessions at cost so your horse can maintain fitness or be schooled whilst you are away.

Yes, all vets welcome to visit their charges and we are available to assist as required.

Most insurance companies will contribute towards costs of hydrotherapy, i.e. treadmill sessions if recommended by your vet.  This may come under vet fees or a separate section for complementary therapies.  There may also be help towards livery costs.  It’s always best to check with your insurance company as to what is covered.