Bowland Equine Therapy

Nestling in the rolling countryside outside Lancaster, Bowland Equine Therapy is a specialist facility set up to offer rehabilitation and fitness services for horses and ponies of all sizes.

Easily accessible from the motorway it caters for all horses from top grade competition horses to mini-shetlands.

We will devise a programme to suit the individual needs of your horse so they gain maximum benefit from their stay whether they are recovering from injury, needing a fitness boost or enjoying a break whilst you take your holiday. Regardless of the reason for your visit the team at Bowland Equine will provide your horse with outstanding care and attention.


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Aqua Treadmill

So what does an Equine Water Treadmill do?


What helps to make a stay here special?


A range of packages to help you and your horse.

Caring for your horse as an individual

The yard at Bowland equine has been specifically designed to cater for the needs of horses and ponies whether they be convalescing or enjoying a working break. 

As a small unit we have limited numbers in at any one time so your horse is always treated as an individual.  You can be assured of the highest standards offered by our experienced team. The design of the yard with the outdoor pens helps minimise any behavioural issues associated with box rest and keeps your horse happy for the duration of their stay.

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