The vision for Bowland equine was seeded after dealing with accident prone horses (who doesn’t have one) with tendon and ligament issues, kissing spine issues and fractures. The dream to set up a purpose built facility to help horses and their owners was made reality after moving to Longmoor Farm.  

Dedicated Team

Clare Guest, the drive behind the unit has been involved with horses all her life. After gaining her BHSAI she decided to indulge further in interest in the physiological and biomechanical aspects of the horse by undertaking a MSc in Equine Science, including a study into the diagnosis of upper airway issues with the help of Bristol vet school. Following this she lectured at degree level with a strong focus on exercise physiology and equine rehabilitation. Keeping her hand in on the riding front she passed BHS stage 4 care and riding and is currently competing at BE Novice level with her horse Paddy with the ultimate aim of stepping up to intermediate.

Bowland Equine Therapy is supported by a range of experts to enhance the horses stay. There are regular visits from ACPAT registered physio Jo Andrews, Sally Cartwright saddler, McTimoney practitioner Corinne Metcalfe and Equine Sports Massage Therapist Danielle Cartlidge.